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We specialise in finding talent at all levels that fits both your long- and short-term business objectives, as well as your organisational culture and value systems.

Staffon AppsGlobal is a leading IT staffing and recruiting company in India. We specialize in all types of staffing and recruitment services for the IT industry, allowing you to work around passionate, goal-driven, talented individuals.

Who are we?

Staffon AppsGlobal commenced its operations in 2021. Since our inception, we have had only one goal in our mind, and that is to meet your staff-related needs with expertise and experience. We are a reputed staffing solution provider; we offer a plethora of staffing services, including temporary staffing service, permanent staffing service, accounting service, contract hiring services, and more.

We have made our standalone position in the market, with years of our working experience. With our research and rigorous screening methods, we help you in finding the right individuals for the particular position you are hiring for. Day by day, we bring positive changes in our working styles and strategies. 

We deliver on time, and we deliver quality– this has made all the difference in the market. Each candidate has to go through technical and non-technical skill tests. “Once we are satisfied with the results, we share only the most eligible and deserving candidates.”

How it’s Possible

Three Steps of Staffon AppsGlobal

We provide Recruitment and Staffing services to many industries and domain through our innovative and customized solutions and passionate commitment to research.

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Our Vision

To be the most reliable recruiter partner of first recall of enterprises of all sizes and types.

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Our Mission

To make organization excel in its line of business by constantly winning new Clients, improve operations efficiency and deliver desired results to Clients.

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Data-driven Recruitment

Improve hiring accuracy with our dedicated analytical tools.

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Finding the right profiles can be very challenging for several reasons. Our recruitment consultants have been recruiting for well over a decade. We are renowned for our IT staffing services.

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Our sourcing methodology is rigorous and intensive. We use sector-specific market research and deep professional networking to facilitate a dynamic hiring experience for everyone.

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